Do Not Send Your Resume in PDF Format!

By: Tracy Levine, Principal, Advantage Talent

Many Candidates have started sending their resume in PDF format.  This can be risky.  PDF resumes are not read well by some database systems.

Instead of the PDF format, the candidate can create an unchangeable Word document.  In Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, click on the Microsoft icon which is shown below.

A drop down menu will appear.  Look for the Prepare Icon.

A prepare for distribution list will appear.  One of the options is ‘Mark as Final’.

When the candidate marks the resume as Final, the document becomes read-only and cannot be changed.

One thought on “Do Not Send Your Resume in PDF Format!

  1. Tracy

    Interesting commentary but the most compelling reason to PDF a resume is to lock down the document from a third party ‘tinkering’ or otherwise using one’s resume for their own purpose, rather than the purpose of the document owner.

    The recommended tactic above still permits any person to alter the document in any way they wish, so long as they save the resume with a different document name. I have seen numerous instances of less savory recruiters bundling 50-100 resumes (after deleting the candidates contact data and name) and spamming their ZIP folder out blindly to company executives who havent solicited candidates or recruiting assistance. Even worse, I have seen a resume where the “Editor” butchered the resume badly which (unintentionally) reflects very poorly on the hapless job seeker.

    Interesting thought leadership but consider this a differing point of view.



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