10 Job Search Mistakes

By: Tracy Levine, President, Advantage Talent Inc.

If you do any of the following you might not get considered for the job.

  1. Sending an e-mail to the hiring manager with a summary of why you qualify for a job without attaching a resume.
  2. Sending a LinkedIn message to the hiring manager asking them to check out your LinkedIn Profile to see if your qualifications would be a fit for the job and if they are you will send a resume.  Not sending your resume when initially contacting the hiring manager is sending the signal that you are not really interested in the job.
  3. Being rude to the Hiring Manager or anyone working with the hiring manager, including their personal assistant or phone operator will prevent you from getting any current or future jobs.  This includes rude e-mails or rude calls.  It is important to keep in mind that a company may not consider you the optimal candidate for the current opening but may like you enough to call you for future opportunities.  Don’t burn bridges.
  4. Including unprofessional e-mail addresses on your resume.  The e-mail address was probably funny to you when you picked it, but “Fratboy” or “SexyChic” will probably not seem funny to the hiring manager.  There are plenty of free e-mail services to set up a professional e-mail address.
  5. Lying on your resume.  What might not have been an issue if revealed from the start, can become an issue if discovered after the fact.
  6. Telling the hiring manager where to go to find your resume instead of providing the information.  “You can find my full resume and cover letter on XYZ Board.”  Posting your resume on a job board is great if the person pays to get resumes off of that particular job board.  If the hiring manager is not buying resumes, they are not going to make an exception and buy yours to see if you are qualified for the job.
  7. Not paying attention to detail when including a cover letter.  Attaching a letter talking about another company and another position is not a good first impression.
  8. Applying for jobs based on job title and not on skill set.
  9. Not including an e-mail address or a phone number on your resume.  Only putting your name and address on a resume means you do not really want to be contacted about the job.  If you have applied for a job through a job board, the hiring manager that eventually gets your resume is not receiving a direct e-mail from you.  It is not safe to assume somehow, the hiring manager is going to go back and try to find your e-mail address.
  10. Playing games!  For example, saying you have a job offer in hand from another company when you do not can be a dangerous game.  Playing this bluff to try to get the hiring manager to speed up the process or make it seem like you are in demand is not without risk.  The hiring manager may call your bluff.  I have seen candidates dropped from the hiring process because the hiring manager feels like the candidate is on a different timeline–One the company cannot meet.

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